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Stepping through the door...

This is the continuing story of my post from two months ago called "Opportunity knocking..." Recently, I went down to Macon to visit my friend Lee, and besides celebrating our August birthdays, we continued our efforts on the music and musical fronts.

First, we worked on new artwork (see the image on the left of one of Lee's ideas scribbled on a cocktail napkin which many weeks later turned into the final version on the right) and promotional materials for Turning Thirty. Our plan is to make very professional packages to pitch the show to theaters, most specifically Theatre Macon. This will include new artwork, new materials, and new CDs. Lee knows two folks in theater that have expressed an interest in the show.

I also visited the studios of Channel 13 WMAZ (CBS), and met with Jeff Dudley, the Marketing Director. He got me several recordings of their theme song, and asked if I would create a new version for them. He gave me complete creative freedom, and assuming they l…

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