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Songs forwarded by Taxi to a Music Library

I submitted three of my songs, Rescue Me, You Are My Storm, and When I'm With You, to the following listing:

An LA-based Music Library wants great SONGS IN ALL STYLES [no instrumentals] with positive and universal lyrical themes for film/TV/ad placement. Up-tempos preferred, but all tempos OK. Songs with big anthemic chorus are most welcome. She can't use songs that include specific names [Bob, Jennifer, etc.] or historical events in the lyrics, but those with places [cities, countries, etc.] are OK. The company has been in biz for about a year and already has had placements on ABC, NBC, and HBO as well as films distributed by Disney, Warner Bros., and Trimark. You must own all of your song's licensing/pub. rights and have release forms for any & all performers on your recording [if you hired studio musicians, for example]. They offer a non-exclusive deal. The company's owner will screen your submissions.

and both Rescue Me and You Are My Storm were forwarded to the …

Now appearing in print, too...

I came into work on Thursday this week, and found it strange that people were joking about me and asking me about plants. As it turned out, the same folks that made the Pike Family Nurseries Commercial I appeared in made print ads as well, and they used my image from the commercial in the ads. The ad on the left appeared on page A8 of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday, May 18.

But then, the next morning, I find out that the same picture is in another ad in the AJC in the Home and Garden section. With the Monday-Friday circulation of the AJC over 350,000, I know any day now the phone will ring from Calvin Klein, GQ, and for movie deals...

Jazz Friday at The Museum of Arts and Sciences

I'm a little overdue posting about this show, so let me just jump to it. I had a show on Friday, April 14th, at The Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon. For this show, I was interviewed and performed on WMAZ, Channel 13, on the previous Wednesday, and interviewed by both the NBC and Fox affiliates at the show. So there was a fair amount of media coverage, which was fun. It was also a big solo show for me, as I have been more often performing with Ben as Screen Door. I was joined by the talented Trysha Stephens, who sang "Get Through This With You" from Turning Thirty as a duet with me. This was a highlight for me.
The show went over quite well, and I enjoyed every minute of it. You can check out all the photos from the show at, by clicking here.

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