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New CD and Upcoming Shows

So I'm in the final stages of creating the new CD, Rescue Me, tweaking the mixes and about to send it off for mastering. I'm excited because I'm planning to have it mastered by Earle Holder, the legendary award winning mastering engineer right here in Atlanta, who, in spite of his success and stature, is a very down to earth and approachable guy.

I also have some new shows coming up, and several more planned. Two of them are private parties that I'm playing with a group of terrific musicians as fundraisers. The two others I'm planning are a CD release party for Rescue Me, and a long overdue Turning Thirty show. Stay tuned for more information.

New Website, New Blog Feed, New CD

Hello everyone - it's been too long. I disappeared from posting for long time, and I'm about to get back on track. There's so much to catch you up on (up on which to catch you?), but I wanted to make sure first that you knew my blog feed was going to change. Please come visit and find the new feed to update your RSS readers. I am also launching a brand new website, with lots of new capabilities and a whole new philosophy. For starters, I will be offering all my songs for download directly from my site, and I'm releasing all my songs under a Creative Commons license. Finally, I'm putting the finishing touches on a new CD, called Rescue Me. Find out more information about all this at my new site. More to come soon...

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