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Relay for Life and The Stupid Cancer Show

Once again, thanks to my song (and video) called "Celebrate" which I wrote for The American Cancer Society, I'll be performing and speaking at another Relay for Life fundraising event. The last one was in Port St. Joe, Florida; and now I'm headed to the opposite corner of the continental U.S. to Moses Lake, Washington. I'll be there on Friday and Saturday, May 30-31. I wonder if it's too early to start putting pins on a map... By the way, my good friend Scott posted some videos from my performance in Florida on YouTube.

After I return, on June 2nd at 9 PM, I will be a guest on The Stupid Cancer Show, an interactive talk radio broadcast by Matthew Zachary from "I'm Too Young For This," an organization for young adults affected by cancer. Mark you calendar and come check it out online that night. Of course, in case you miss the live broadcast, you can always go back and listen later.

New Song - My Generation

As you might already know, I subscribe to this great service called where I can submit my music to music industry listings for film, TV, and new artists. Well, recently I had a song chosen to be forwarded to the music supervisors for the Showtime TV show "Californication." They were looking for a cover of 60s and 70s classic rock songs, so I submitted my cover version of The Who's "My Generation." My goal was to take a heavily guitar-based song, and record a keyboard-based version with no guitars to be found, yet that would still capture the essence of the song. When I was growing up, I was used to people asking me if I could play any AC/DC on the piano. With so much popular music based on guitar, it was hard for a piano player to be as cool as the guy with the guitar. So I suppose this desire has been with me for decades. Hopefully the fact that Taxi found it worthy to forward to the TV show means I got close to the mark. Plus I love The Who. So Pete…

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