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New Song - All Fruits Ripe

Last year I got to vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was a wonderfully fun and relaxing experience, and I could feel a reggae tune brewing. One day, while looking through the books and magazines in the gift shop, I found a book of Jamaican phrases. I picked it up, opened it to a random page, and my eyes went straight to the phrase "All fruits ripe" which means "Everything is just great. All is good." I immediately knew I had discovered the title of my yet to be written song. The phrase summed up exactly how I felt, and I spent the next few nights out on the balcony drinking Red Stripe and writing this song.

Interesting side note - the cover of my CD "Rescue Me" is a picture I took while in Jamaica.

Hear/Buy "All Fruits Ripe"

Coast to Coast

I'm long overdue to post some information about the experiences I had performing at two different Relay for Life events, one in Port St. Joe, Florida, and the other in Moses Lake, Washington. Being on opposite ends of the country led to the catch phrase "Coast to Coast". More on this later...

It all started when my good friend Scott Baker invited me to perform at the Relay for Life in Port St. Joe. He helped arrange for me to stay at a townhouse on the beach in Cape San Blas, and together we helped to raise money in honor of our classmate, Jeanne Bailey, who had recently lost her battle with breast cancer. Scott posted some videos of my performance on YouTube. My whole family had a terrific time, and the Relay was powerful and fun. Many thanks to Scott and his family for being such terrific hosts and to Thom Baird for allowing us to stay in his lovely beach home. A special thank you to all of our classmates who gave so generously in honor of Jeanne. Jeanne, we miss you.

Waymo Music

So once again, through the Taxi service, I had two songs forwarded, this time to Waymo Music for use in a Feature Documentary. The cool news is, the music supervisor for the documentary screened the material himself, so I'm guessing the chance of placement in this one is better than normal. In the listing they said this:

"Lyrically, he is primarily looking for songs that have positive messages and songs about change. He is really wanting to find poignant, emotional material for this film."
The two songs they picked were No Time Like Now, and Sing It Out. Wish me luck!

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