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New Song - I Need More Stuff

The Dark Lord of the Sith is shopping for something special
(photo courtesy of Wilgar)So for the final free song of the year, I decided to combine the traditional American holiday spirit with my fear over the failing economy and release "I Need More Stuff" - my rock anthem to consumerism. Yes folks, that's right, in this season of giving, it's important to search all corners of the mall/catalog/internet to find those products you just cannot live without, and buy them! Remember, while our government keeps printing more and more money, it is up to us to get it circulating. We can't count on investment bankers to spend that 700 billion. By golly when you want something done right, ya gotta do it yourself.

I hope you enjoy this song as my gift to you. And remember, if you are looking for good gifts to give this season, some of my favorites are here and here.

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Live At Eddie's CD - Official Release

It is now official, and just in time for the holidays: the Live At Eddie's CD is released! I cannot imagine a better holiday gift than the gift of music, and the music of such a "gifted" crew to boot. (Sorry couldn't help myself.)

For the release of “Rescue Me” in November 2007, I joined with five other musicians to form the band known as Urban Blue. This band, consisting of me on keyboards and vocals, Lee Hansen on sax, Adam Coletta on guitar, Lee Nunn on bass, Kristi Budd on vocals, and Chris Kearney on drums, performed for my CD release party at Eddie’s Attic. We returned to Eddie’s in April 2008, this time joined by blues/rock drummer Towson Engsberg. As Eddie's sound man Shalom Aberle does such a terrific job recording the live performances, I decided to assemble the ten best recordings from the two shows into a live album. The album is released under a creative commons license, and I encourage you to share the music and spread the good word.

Also, this time…

All Fruits Ripe Pitched for Movie

My publisher, The Music Library, had a request for a Jason Mraz-like song for a movie placement. One of the songs they chose to pitch was my tune, All Fruits Ripe. Perhaps someday soon we'll hear this song in a movie, though it will be under the alternate title "Everything is All Right." I'll keep you posted if I hear more.

The drawing was inspired by the song and is courtesy of my daughter, Klara.

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