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Turning Thirty DVD and CD Giveaway

I laughed. I cried. I'll see it again and again. Of course, I'm talking about "Turning Thirty, The Musical - Live Debut Performance" because now you can do just that. The DVDs and CDs of the debut performance of my musical about my experience with cancer have arrived. I don't have them completely available online yet, but if you'd like to get an advanced copy I have several options for you:

1)Sign up for my email list by April 15th . One lucky person from the list who signs up between now and then will receive either a DVD or a CD - winner's choice.
2) If you are already on my email list, do nothing! I will also select one lucky person from my existing members to receive a DVD or CD.
3)Order one directly from me . DVDs are $12 and CDs are $10 (both for $20). I will send you them myself.

But wait there's more - proceeds from the sales of this DVD and CD will benefit the American Cancer Society Relay For Life! So if you purchase one, you will also be suppo…

New Song - It Would Be Nice To Know

Jazz. This new tune is straight up jazz. It's called It Would Be Nice To Know, and I co-wrote this one with friend Ed Scheiblin who I previously collaborated with on the song I Could Always Make Her Laugh. Ed came to me with these lyrics telling me he had Ol' Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra in mind. So I wanted to give it a melody and vibe in the vien of those classic jazz vocal songs. I love this style; I'm a fan of Sinatra, Diana Krall, and so many other jazz singers and musicians whose talent far exceeds my own. I only hope I did it justice.

For the arrangement and recording, I reached out to my friend Lee Hansen, an incredibly talented musician with whom I play in the band Urban Blue. I asked him to do his magic on the sax and he delivered. It was fun too, because we did it entirely over the internet. Thanks Lee, and thanks Ed. Enjoy.

Download "It Would Be Nice To Know"
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Lyrics and Info

What A Difference Two Years Make

Two years ago, my then six year old daughter Klara began writing her first song. She came up with lyrics to a chorus, and I helped her with the music. Together we recorded a very simple version. This week, two years later, she wanted to re-record it. It was a fun project, and I threw on my producer hat and went to town. She was much more confident wearing headphones and singing into a microphone. I was much more adept at arranging, recording, and editing. The tools at our disposal had gotten two years better.

"Three Oh Six" by Klara and Tom Willner - a work in progress
My number's three oh six
My number's three oh six
If you want to call me you just call three oh six

I want to work with her to finish the song, and record the whole thing. Maybe include it with a few other songs for a children's CD. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Three Oh Six - Comparison

i[2]y Benefit CD, Volume 2

My song, Rescue Me, was chosen to be included on a benefit CD for the organization I'm Too Young For This (i[2]y), a non-profit for young adults affected by cancer. This is the second benefit CD they have created; their first was wildly successful. I'm excited to be included in this project for a great cause, and will be receiving 50 of them to sell to benefit i[2]y.

You may remember that I was interviewed on their internet radio program The Stupid Cancer Show back in June of 08 by founder, musician, and cancer survivor Matthew Zachary. I originally met Matthew when we both performed at the Celebration on the Hill in Washington, DC.

Click here to see the promo page and check out the mug in the lower left corner...

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