What A Difference Two Years Make

Two years ago, my then six year old daughter Klara began writing her first song. She came up with lyrics to a chorus, and I helped her with the music. Together we recorded a very simple version. This week, two years later, she wanted to re-record it. It was a fun project, and I threw on my producer hat and went to town. She was much more confident wearing headphones and singing into a microphone. I was much more adept at arranging, recording, and editing. The tools at our disposal had gotten two years better.

"Three Oh Six" by Klara and Tom Willner - a work in progress
My number's three oh six
My number's three oh six
If you want to call me you just call three oh six

I want to work with her to finish the song, and record the whole thing. Maybe include it with a few other songs for a children's CD. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Three Oh Six - Comparison


  1. Call me,call me,call me
    three oh six
    call to become a friend as well
    it's a way,Oh it may


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