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Relay For Life - Atlanta, GA

Once again, I had the honor to perform at the Atlanta Adams Stadium Relay for Life. I performed "Every Candle Has A Name" and "Celebrate" at the Luminaria ceremony. The event has already raised over a half million dollars.

Click on the photo for a larger version. The photo was taken by Kelli Rosenthal, and I shamelessly copied it to my flickr account without her permission. I also got to hang with DJ Gary Braner, my good friend and long time partner in crime at the Adams Relay.

Relay For Life - Cullman, AL

It had rained for three days straight prior to the event, and puddles of water still remained throughout beautiful Heritage Park in Cullman, AL. But that did not dissuade the kind, generous folks of Cullman from hosting their Relay for Life. I had the honor of being asked to perform at the event, found online by my friend Keillian and the Tomb Raiders team, a team made up entirely of people under 15 years of age, who raised almost $4000.

I had the privilege of performing with several other very talented people. I cannot remember everyone's names, so if there are some Cullman peeps out there who could comment and let me know I'd truly appreciate it. I'd also love it if you could send some pictures from the event.

Finally, I'd like to thank Allison Barksdale, who arranged everything for me to come. I had a terrific time, sold enough CDs to reach my Relay fundraising goal, and got to watch the local school principal dress up as Paula Abdul in the funniest American Idol sp…

Turning Thirty - Take Two

Thanks to all who made it out to the second ever performance of Turning Thirty, The Musical. Once again I am so grateful to everyone involved - Kristi Budd, Pam Duncan, Jose Cordero, Lee Hansen, Adam Coletta, Lee Nunn, Talmadge Hickman, Dan Browning, Bill Duncan, Sheryl Skelton, Allison Bower, Allyson Willner, Olivia Budd, Madeline Budd, Jack Duncan, Annie Duncan, and more. This version brought it up a notch with a full theater stage and lighting. The Artistic Director from a highly acclaimed Atlanta theater came to see the show, and another who could not attend requested a script and CD. There's now interest in two additional performances and potentially a third. Here is some of what the audience had to say:

"Last night's performance was just wonderful--musically, emotionally, and spiritually.""OH MY GOD!!! It was awesome...You all should be really proud of your work putting that took everyone to bring it to life in such a compelling way." &qu…

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