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New Song - Little Miss Magic

One night, I was reading a bedtime story called "Little Miss Magic" to my daughter. She asked me for some milk, and on my way to the refrigerator I started snapping my fingers singing "Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Magic." A little while later, the first verse came out. And it stayed like that for quite a while. Sometimes songs do that to me.

Then one day the bridge arrived, and the song came back to the forefront. I lamented a while over the exact wording, and struggled with the second verse, but eventually it all came together. Of course, then the process started all over again as I began arranging and recording. And oh I love that process so.

So here it is, the product of months of stirring the pot until I finally got the right flavor. It's a far cry from the fun children's book that kicked it off, or a father-daughter song like Jimmy Buffet's of the same title you might have expected. My Little Miss Magic took a decidedly different turn, and I'…

The Stupid Cancer Show Interview

It is always a pleasure to talk to Matthew Zachary. He has so much passion for what he does, he's funny, and his show is always interesting. It was a real treat to be on The Stupid Cancer Show once again.

Yesterday's show is available in its entirety to stream and download here. If you missed it, it's worth a listen. I've posted just the portion of the show that was my interview below. I hope you enjoy it.

Download my interview on The Stupid Cancer Show

Tonight on The Stupid Cancer Show

I will be interviewed tonight on my second appearance on the Stupid Cancer Show, an internet radio show begun by I'm Too Young For This (i[2]y) founder, Matthew Zachary, for young adults affected by cancer. Tonight's show is called "Music Makes The People, Stupid Cancer," and features breast cancer survivor and author, Cindy Papale, and singer-songwriter Andy Dumiak and me as two contributing artists to i[2]y's second benefit CD. It should be fun, so be sure to tune in to the show tonight at 9 PM.

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