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New Song and Video - Wrong Side Of The Door (Live)

Thanks to everyone who came out to an early show last weekend to catch Urban Blue and me at the Red Light Cafe. I didn't get any video or photos (anyone else get some they'd like to share?) from the show, but I did get a recording of the music. So this month I've posted "Wrong Side of the Door (Live)" from the show. I hope you enjoy it.

However, I have gotten such great photos from other shows this year, that I decided to put together a quick video for the song as well using pictures from our other recent shows. I've made them both available for download below, and the video is also on YouTube. Those of you who have subscribed to my podcast, you should automagically get both of these on your iPod/iPhone/iPad/iBrain.

Download "Wrong Side Of The Door (Live)"
Download the video
Watch the video on YouTube

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