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Live Videos from Anacortes, WA Show

This past weekend I was invited to perform in Anacortes, WA at both the Relay for Life and at Randy's Pier 61. Both shows were a blast for me. Anacortes has no shortage of incredible talent, and at the Relay I got to share the stage with Emily Leopold, a young, beautiful, and talented singer, songwriter, and piano player. I wish I was as accomplished as she is when I was her age! I also got to hear the Bards of KeyPoynt, and met and hung out with members Nathan and Amanda McCartney. Both Nathan and Amanda came to my show the next night at Randy's Pier 61, and performed their own songs in between my sets. Incredibly talented and fun, you should check them out! The Bards of KeyPoynt describe their music as "medieval-celtic-piratey-gypsy" and it all fits. I can't wait to work with them again.

I am so grateful to Jean Houston for inviting me and arranging the whole trip. That's all her equipment I am using in the photo, and as an accomplished musician herself, I&…

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