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Independent Musician Stories: 1) The Artist's Way and My Musical

When I was undergoing treatment for testicular cancer, I began reading "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. For those of you not familiar with it, its basically a course to help you become more creative. Two of its main tenets are that you should journal every morning and have a block of time each week where you go do something fun just for yourself. One thing Julia Cameron wrote would happen, is that after some time you'd start noticing these epiphanies, or creative ideas, that would occur while writing your journal entries. Well, I did experience that, and one day I had something happen that basically changed my life. I had been toying with writing a song or songs about my experience with cancer, but that day I got this clear idea to write an entire musical show about it. The whole idea started fleshing itself out in front of my eyes as fast as I could write it. I turned to a new page and wrote "Turning Thirty" at the top, which was the name of the musica…

Independent Musician Stories

Happy New Year! I hope your 2010 was great, and that 2011 is a healthy, happy one. 2010 was another good year for me musically, and I'm hoping 2011 keeps the trend going.

I've had a number of friends and fans of my music suggest that I write about my experiences as an independent musician. So I've decided that this year, I'm going to use my blog as a way to do just that: with regular posts I plan to tell stories about being an independent musician that will hopefully give you some better insight into the songwriting, performing, recording, marketing, technology, and more that makes up a life in today's music business. I may also have guest musicians make posts.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Anything in particular you'd like to hear about?

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