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Independent Musician Stories: 2) Three steps, no fail

Back in the early days of dreaming about a career in music, I was always looking for good information to help me achieve that dream. Oh sure, I would be lying if I said I didn't imagine getting signed to a major label, touring, and performing in stadiums to thousands of adoring fans, but I was pretty sure the jump from recording songs on a four track cassette recorder in my basement to super stardom involved quite a few steps in between. I always had a bit of a practical streak in me. Back when I turned sixteen and many of my fellow classmates were talking about the Chevelles and Camaros they desperately wanted to own, my dream car was one with four wheels that started every time I turned the key. So I guess it made sense that the book I was drawn to was one by Jana Stanfield called The Musicians Guide to Making and Selling Your Own CDs and Cassettes. This seemed a much more attainable step from my vantage point, not to mention that the subtitle, How to make tens of t…

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