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For My Fellow Dads

I have so many things I am delinquent in posting about - the CD Release Party, TV appearances, other shows - but since this weekend is Father's Day, and as a Dad myself, I decided to post something for my fellow Dads instead.

My memories of my Dad are great. I remember every day after school, I'd wait until he got home from work, then we'd toss the fishing poles into the back of the truck and head to Dunkelberger's Pond - legendary for it's both hungry and tasty largemouth bass. One particularly fruitful evening, we nabbed over a dozen, each at least a foot long, and were cleaning and fileting fish well past dark. He also used to drive me over 30 miles each way each week to my piano and organ lessons, because we had found a former Juliard professor willing to take me on just over the border in New York state. As I closed in on the legal driving age, he'd often let me drive part of the way home. When I got my first house, he came to visit, and basically did non-…

Moses Lake Relay For Life in the News

For the fourth year in a row, I had the honor to perform at the Moses Lake, WA Relay for Life. This year, I was also the guest speaker at the opening ceremonies. The local newspaper, the Columbia Basin Herald, covered the event, took photos, video, and even live-streamed the event.

Click the picture or here to read the story.

Also, they put together a video of the event, which includes my speech from about 4:30 to 8:25; and from 8:25 - 12:05 I'm performing. Here's the video:

New Album Available for Immediate Download

"All Fruits Ripe," my latest album, is now officially available and spreading its way across the internet. You can download your own copy right now, order a CD, and listen to the whole thing right here. It will be making its way to iTunes and more soon. I'll keep you posted, and thanks for supporting my music.

All Fruits Ripe by Tom Willner

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