June 7, 2011

Moses Lake Relay For Life in the News

Steven Wyble/Columbia Basin Herald
For the fourth year in a row, I had the honor to perform at the Moses Lake, WA Relay for Life. This year, I was also the guest speaker at the opening ceremonies. The local newspaper, the Columbia Basin Herald, covered the event, took photos, video, and even live-streamed the event.

Click the picture or here to read the story.

Also, they put together a video of the event, which includes my speech from about 4:30 to 8:25; and from 8:25 - 12:05 I'm performing. Here's the video:

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story, music & becoming a part of the Moses Lake Relay family and calling it your second home!!

    I LOVE your talent, inspiration & positive outlook on life...even if I could live with just a 1/4 of it...my life would be good!!!

    Can't wait for our next 'MisAdventure"...you know how I love that bar...

    Hugs my friend!! U ROCK!!

    Tahoe IPTA!!!