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New Music Video - Rain

Growing up, I heard stories from my parents, both Hungarian immigrants, about living through war. My mother hid in a dirt basement whenever soldiers came, and remembers watching a bomb land in their garden which miraculously did not explode. She saw friends get taken away, never to be seen or heard from again. My dad spent seven years in a refugee camp, most days eating only potatoes. He had been shot at numerous times. Both suffered and lost belongings, friends, and family.

It's not the type of information I read about in history books, nor hear about on the news. Although I did not experience war firsthand, I feel their stories gave me a unique perspective. I've always wanted to create something to pay tribute to the people who have actually felt the true costs of war.

A decade ago, as I watched us go to war in Afghanistan, then Iraq, I thought a lot about the people in the war zone at the time. It moved me enough to write the song "Rain," which is that tribute to…

New Song - Parts Gone Missin' (demo)

Parts Gone Missin' (Demo) by Tom Willner   It's been a while since I shared a new song, so I decided to post this even though it's still just a demo recording - me and piano. Let me know what you think. This one is inspired by my old flame cancer, with whom I had a rocky relationship at best. I thought it might be fun to create a song where I sing to the ol' Big "C" as my former girlfriend, and what better genre to do it in than country! I've posted this on my music page where you can stream it, or if you provide your email and zip you can download a copy for yourself.

In Rememberance of 9/11

<p><a href="">Battery Park by Screen Door</a></p>
In honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I'd like to share the song about that day from my old band Screen Door. The words are by Ed Scheiblin, and the music is by Ben Wakeman and me. The performance is by Screen Door, which is Ben on vocals and guitar, Chris Kearney on drums, and I'm on keyboards and vocals.

Battery Park
Words by Ed Scheiblin, Music by Ben Wakeman and Tom Willner

They knocked down the walls of Jericho
Killed the children in Jerusalem
Stamped out sin in Rome and Berlin
Turned it dark in Battery Park

I've known the thrill of the grand ideas
Wet dreams of the new perfect regime
I've run from all the pain and the fear
If heaven is filled with men like these
I'll stay in the dark of Battery Park

If you're in the dark take my hand
I'll lead…

PopTech Music

PopTech Mixtape Vol. 1 by PopTechBack in 2006, I had the privilege to go to a conference called PopTech in Camden, Maine. It's like the TED Conference except without the former presidents and $30,000 price tag. It was hands down the best conference I've ever attended. One of the cool aspects of it was that they had some amazing musicians perform in addition to great speakers (Chris Anderson, Craig Venter, Richard Dawkins, Thomas Friedman, just to name a few). Well, I just got word that PopTech released this "mixtape" of 10 performances from several of their conferences. I personally had seen and met both Reggie Watts and Rodrigo Y Gabriela there. (This is also where I met Jonathan Coulton, though he's not on this mixtape.) Reggie Watts is an amazing improviser, using a looping pedal and interesting effects to create his art. Rodrigo Y Gabriela are two guitarists who are half percussionists with an incredible style of performing. You'll probably recognize some…

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