November 14, 2011

New Song - Here Comes The Sun (cover)

Recently, a fellow parent and musician at my youngest son's preschool asked me if I would work with her to create a children's album for the school. The goal was to create a fun keepsake that could also help raise money for the school. I agreed, and we got together to start arranging and recording nine songs that are staples at the preschool. One of the songs she chose to do was Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles.
(Side note: there was a bit of a "sun" theme to the songs - You Are My Sunshine, Mr. Sun, and Sunshine On My Shoulder all make an appearance - though there are also other traditional ones like The ABC Song and If You're Happy And You Know It. I knew we were creating a hit with the three year old market when my son kept running in a circle and singing to the music as I worked on them, and said, "Play it five more times, Daddy.") 
When it came to recording the Beatles track, she asked if I would take on that one myself which I was happy to do. One night last week we captured all her vocal and guitar tracks for the album, and this weekend I worked out the remaining arrangements, recordings, and mixes, including Here Comes The Sun. I wanted to do a simple arrangement in character with the other songs, and when I finished I knew I had the next song I wanted to release to you.

Here Comes The Sun was on the Beatles album Abbey Road, which was released the year I was born. I'm not entirely sure why I told you that, except that it seems to have a serendipitous tie to me recording it for my child's school many years later. I hope you enjoy it. You can download a free copy for your iPod using the download link.


  1. Thank you for recording this song!
    It will make getting through the winter blues a lot easier to bear!!

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