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Support "Turning Thirty" - a musical about surviving cancer

"Turning Thirty, The Musical" is my musical "dramedy" that explores what happens when a young couple debating starting a family is suddenly faced with a diagnosis of cancer. It's based on my own true story, and I'm hoping you will help me take this story to a larger audience. I am raising money to do a workshop and showcase performance of "Turning Thirty, The Musical" in order to fine tune the show, present it to the professional theater community, and ultimately have someone do a professional run of the show.

Click here to visit my Kickstarter page for more info and to support the show

The Story Behind The Show
Like many of us or those we know, my life has been changed by cancer. Right after turning 30, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. My wife and I had been struggling with the decision to start a family when suddenly the debate took on a new urgency. After two operations, we thought our ordeal was over, but six months later, the…

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