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Fall Fun and Fulfillment

I don't mind saying that this past week was friggin' great. Seriously, I had fun and was fulfilled on so many levels. You know, it's important to enjoy life, doing things you love to do and that are important to you. So I spend quite a bit of time thinking about how to spend my time, which is probably inappropriate unless I really enjoy spending my time planning how to spend my time, which I don't. (A mentor of mine once said to me "always have a plan, but remember that planning is overrated." Clearly I was too busy planning to pay attention.) But I digress.

However I managed to pull it off, last week was sweet. Check this out:

I was the keynote speaker at a dinner honoring cancer survivors. I told my story about my experience with cancer and what I now do both with music and working for the American Cancer Society to support the cause. I also performed the song I co-wrote for the Relay for Life Luminaria ceremony called "Every Candle Has A Name.&q…

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