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New Year's Resolutions: Not failure, but low aim, is a sin.

Looking back at 2012 -

Some things I'm happy I did:
Made a children's album
Raised $10,000 for a professional workshop of my musical
Completed 20 website projects and reduced costs by over $300,000
Passed the $50,000 mark raising money for Relay for Life
Ran a half marathon
Published another song with another music library

<== This wins as  the scariest, most difficult, and most rewarding  goal.

Some things I failed to do:
Make the workshop happen in 2012
Write and record a new song every month
Blog and post consistently
Achieve perfect balance of international stardom and complete anonymity
Become financially set for life
Quit day job and retire to secluded beach house

Interestingly enough, at the start of 2012, only one of the things I accomplished was a goal I set out to do when the year started (the rest developed over the course of the year). Nearly all of what I failed were goals of mine for 2012...

So what's the difference? Well, some of the goals I didn't achie…

The Christmas Song - Live

Since I've been working on my musical workshop, and recording a few new songs that aren't yet complete, I thought I'd invite you into my home for a little live Christmas music. This isn't exactly high tech; it's recorded using an iPhone held to a microphone stand using a rubber band. The recording is purely from the iPhone; the performance was one take. I hope you enjoy it.

If you'd like to download your own copy of my version of The Christmas Song, you can get it here:

The Christmas Song by Tom Willner
I want to wish you all a healthy, happy holiday.

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