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My Audition for NBC's "The Voice"

On Friday the 18th, a friend at work (who shares my love of the musical Les Miserables) popped up on my screen in an instant message. "Will you be skipping out at lunch to audition for The Voice?" to which I honestly replied, "I didn't know about the auditions." He kindly finished with "I'd vote for you no matter what."

So I asked Google about it, and sure enough, Google informed me that NBC was indeed holding auditions for The Voice in Atlanta that weekend. I researched what you needed to do to sign up, then debated with myself about whether or not to audition. I talked it over with my family who all encouraged me to go.

My decision was greatly influenced by a conversation I had with my son. "What are the chances that you'll get on the show?" he asked. I answered, "I don't know, but I suspect it's very slim." After a few seconds of silence, I continued, "I do know one thing, though. My chance of getting on th…

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