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The "Turning Thirty" Musical Workshop June 4-10

I know it has been six months since my last update about my musical workshop that was successfully funded last summer through Kickstarter thanks to so many wonderful, generous people. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts kept getting in the way of making the workshop a reality. So this year, I rebooted and started all over.

I didn't want to report anything until I had things locked in, and I'm now happy to report that we are locked in! I have contracted with a two very talented people, Director Scott Warren and Music Director Michael Fauss, and we are scheduled to do the workshop from June 4th to June 10th. The showcase performance will be on Monday night, June 10th, at the Theatrical Outfit's Balzer Theater in downtown Atlanta.

In addition to Artistic Directors and potential investors, several Kickstarter backers will have VIP seating at the showcase. However, I'd like to announce that it will be open to the public, at no cost, on a first-come first-serve basis. I …

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