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Workshop a Success! See Photos, Program, more.

After hiring a Director, a Musical Director, actors, musicians, securing rehearsal space, and a month of scoring music, I finally began the week long workshop of my musical. On day one, between the music and script, we handed everyone an almost 200 page binder. Musical Director Michael Fauss began rehearsing the music with the actors, then Director Scott Warren began reading the book with them. We edited things as we went through the week.

After four days, it was time to give the actors a break and rehearse with the musicians. I worked through the night before the first band rehearsal until 4 AM creating woodwind and bass scores. It paid off, as the rehearsal went very smoothly on Saturday. On Sunday, the musicians and actors got together and rehearsed the whole show. Sadly, we were so busy that weekend that I never managed to snap a single photo. It was amazing to see it all coming together.

Then it was Monday, the day of the Showcase.

After a stressful setup and sound check (what…

"Turning Thirty" Musical Workshop Update

Tomorrow the official workshop of my musical "Turning Thirty" begins. It has been a lot of work and exciting news pulling this all together, so let me just dive in and blab on about all the fun:

The Showcase Performance Monday, June 10, 2013 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EDT) Theatrical Outfit Balzer Theater 84 Luckie Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30303
Best of all, it's free! To get tickets, go here:

You can read more about the show at:

and more about the workshop I'm doing this week, along with the showcase here:

The Talent Here are the talented folks who will be helping to make this the best show it can be:

Scott Warren - Director and Workshop facilitator
Michael Fauss- Musical Director

Jeremy Wood - Conlan
Laura Floyd - Halle
Pam Duncan - TC and others TBD
Bryan Mercer - The Wizard and others TBD
Jeremy Varner - Dr. Sa…

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