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I Am A Runner

Today, I officially added the word "Runner" to my blog description. It was time. Running has become such a big part of my life that I now consider it to be part of who I am. (I also changed "Technologist" to "Geek" which seemed less pretentious and frankly more appropriate.)

So how did I become a runner you ask? Well, running and I have dated for well over a decade. We had a few times when we got more serious, and I ran a few 5Ks, but inevitably we would part ways again. Then, when we got together again in August of 2012, we really clicked. I'd go out for a run and felt like I could run forever. I got in that "zone." Mind you, it wasn't easy. Over the course of the next few months, I injured my knee and my foot (more on that later). But in October, we decided to get hitched. We set a date - Thanksgiving Day - at the Atlanta Half Marathon.

Increasing Distance and Injuries Unfortunately, by the end of August, my knee really started…

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