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Race Recap: 2013 Inman Frosty 5K

After having focused so much of this year on finishing my first marathon, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next. I started thinking I should run more types of races. I have run a few 5Ks before, but they were back when running and I were still only dating on and off, so I don't remember the races nor my times. (In my defense, they were over a decade ago...) So when my wife brought up the Inman Frosty 5K, which benefits my neighborhood's middle school where my son will likely attend next year, it seemed like a great idea.

Nearly my whole family signed up, so it was extra fun being a family affair. My wife, daughter, son, and I, as well as my brother-in-law and niece all registered. And the six of us dragged ourselves out on the unfortunately cold and rainy Saturday morning.

I originally planned on running with one or more of my kids, and not worrying about my time, but my wife gave me the go ahead to run on my own, as she and her brother would be fine running with the kids…

Christmas A Cappella Mashups

I love this time of year. There's a renewed focus on family, generosity, joy, and wonder, and to me, the feeling in the air is palpable. True, we sometimes get wrapped up in the more superficial aspects, but it seems even those often stem from nobler sentiments. So each year I like to do something artistic, something that hopefully captures a bit of what I value about the holiday season. And this year, I tried something a little unusual that combined several of my passions - music, technology, and almost a mathematical or scientific experimentation. In the process, I tried to maintain a respect for the old with a nod to the new.

I started with a list of traditional Christmas songs, and I organized them into three categories: 3/4 time in a minor key, 3/4 time in a major key, and 4/4 time in a major key. I wanted to experiment with a "mashup" of songs of similar character such that overlapping them might create a new and interesting twist. I looked for three songs in each…

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