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How We Started A New Relay Fundraiser

Short answer: With great people and a whole lot of hard work! Now for the long answer.

The Idea In March, I approached some friends at work about doing a fundraiser for Relay For Life. Having some experience doing Relay shows and fundraisers around the country (learning from some of the best - I'm talking to you Donna and Terry), and having decided to travel less this year, I felt like we could do a show here in my hometown of Atlanta for Relay. Our team, "IT CURES" - we're Information Technology geeks - had an ambitious goal of raising $100,000, so we were looking for ways to help achieve that.

Good People and Hard Work The first person I approached was my friend and colleague Kathy Pourmehr. Kathy is tenacious and resourceful, and when she sets her mind to something, she makes it happen. We immediately broke the idea out into tasks: we knew we needed a venue, a date, marketing to our target audience, sponsors, and silent auction donations. The first task was to fi…

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