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My Answers To A First-Time Marathon Runner's Questions

Recently, a friend of mine who is going to run her first marathon asked me and other runners a series of questions about it. I am training for my second marathon, and I love talking about running, so I truly enjoyed answering her questions. I had a lot of the same questions when I first signed up for a marathon, so I thought it would be fun to post it here for anyone else with similar questions.

When you run, how is your brain occupied (e.g., listening to music, writing a novel, counting your breaths...)?  Does it vary depending on where you are in the run? Does it depend on any other factors?
I never run with music. I love just being by myself and in the moment. I see things in my neighborhood I've never noticed before, wave to other people, and clear my mind. I find that if I don't run, I have as big of a mental pushback as I do a physical one. I really did get hooked. I often find that I feel better mentally after a run, and I solve problems and get good ideas from that qui…

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